Paul Mortfield & Stefano Cancelli

 NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) - September 13, 2008

Ontario Science Centre, Toronto    January - May 2011

 Hong Kong Space Museum    July - December 2011

  Title Autumn Galaxy
  Photo Credit: Paul Mortfield & Stefano Cancelli
  Object: Galaxy M33 in Triangulum
  Date: August 2008
  Location: Sierra Remote Observatories California
  Telescope: RCOS 16" f/8.9
  Camera: Apogee U16M with AstroDon Gen2 Filters
  Wavelengths: LRGB
  Exposure Time: 7.5 hours
  Notes: Many nebulae, HII regions and even a Globular Cluster are visible in the hi-res LRGB image. However, even more appear in a 7.5 hourr 6nm H-alpha filtered image. Its exciting to be able to photograph deep sky objects in another galaxy with a modest telescope.