Paul Mortfield & Stefano Cancelli

 Sky and Telescope Magazine, December 2008 

  Title Two-Tone Veil
  Photo Credit: Paul Mortfield & Stefano Cancelli
  Object: Veil Nebula in Cygnus
  Date: July 2008
  Location: Sierra Remote Observatories California
  Telescope: RCOS 16" f/8.9
  Camera: Apogee U9000 with AstroDon Gen2 Filters
  Wavelengths: Hydrogen-Alpha 6nm, OxygenIII 6nm
  Exposure Time: 5 hours
  Notes: Using only hydrogen and oxygen light to produce the image. Halpha was mapped to red, OIII mapped to blue, and Green is the product of Halpha x OIII. The most fun was blinking the two wavelengths and seeing the differences of the elements resulting from the supernova explosion.